I often wonder what the real goal of life is. Is it an experience we al need to have? Do we have goals we need to achieve? Or should we just live and walk through this journey? Some believe we have control over things that happen while others let circumstances take over their lives.


Things like time and growing old can make us wonder what the point is of life or maybe death. Maybe earth is just a place where you recieve the opportunity to create hell or your own little paradise. Your mind can be the universe where depending on you the laws create the good or the bad.


The talents we have are tools we need to create paradise on earth. 


If we don’t develop and use our tools we not only limit ourselves. We limit the people around us too. Those who do and do not need us. We are responsible for our own talents because they are pieces of a bigger puzzle.


Use your mind to take control over life by developing your talents and use them as tools to create paradise.

Just think about what might happen when you see God and he asks you: so tell me how was paradise on earth? 😉


Cheers to your succes!


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