This time I took the time to show you my way of handeling with insecurities and how to achieve my goals. Lessons I’m learning or already learned by chasing my goals. One of the important things really I can give to you as an ‘advice’ is to stop thinking and start doing. I decided with my sister whom I’m sharing a big part of my journey with that this is going to be our year and our motto!.


To be able to reach your dreams you need to get out of your comfort zone and let thoughts of failure not take control over you. Do you already know what your goals are for 2017? If not figure this first out and after that you should know and realize which blocks you are putting on your own road. Those blocks can be almost everything! Opinion of others or for example your own negative thinking. Destroy them to continue this time this year for once and only your way to your destination. This world has so much to offer but it also needs so much to be given. Each individual each soul has a gift in their heart and ultimate goal in life is to reach your happiness by giving this gift you have to the world. I believe that the amount of lessons and good karma that will come back to you is priceless. This world is pretty messed up sometimes because I think maybe it’s not the right way to say it but I will do it anyway.. ‘The dumb people are raising up their voice while those smart, intelligent, wise, good and lovely people are hiding themselves. Let your voice be heard, chaise your dreams and follow your heart! Think about all those beautiful things you can create by letting go of negative thinking and go for a positive attitude!

Check out my video to hear more about how I am thinking about this topic!

Have fun watching my video & let me know what you think!. Love to receive feedback since I’m new in doing this.

Cheers to your succes!!

xoxo Bremesa by Shene Baban


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