Since I really opened my mind to accept change, things became clear suddenly. Since I opened my mind to accept change, I knew the most important thing I searched for was to be free and to live by my vision. I want, to live by the choices I make, since I can be a stubborn one and like to plan my own way of travelling through life without feeling regret for my steps during my time on mother earth because I didn´t live by my intuition.

I´m not concluding that I figured it all out, in contrast, I just began my journey to meet my real self, to embrace my flaws and yet to do my best to love myself, before I try to make the world believe I am a loving and caring person who only sees the good in people and in the different situations we experience during our lives.

Because, you attract what you reflect to others. So, when we don’t spend time to explore ourselves and love ourselves for who we are, it becomes very hard to be loving and caring for others. So it was not a joke that a good world begins with knowing ourselves and to love ourselves despite our flaws. After all, there is not one human being on this planet earth, who doen’t have them: flaws. The man in the mirror, right? What a powerful person that is. The man in the mirror is the only person capable of bringing more good in the world. He only has to want it. And that’s exactly the reason I decided to write this blog for us, for you and myself.

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In the knowledge of the importance for being aware of who I am and to know what it actually means to be me, lies the reasoning of wanting to change yourself, in purpose to stay in touch with the development, changing and most of all, the imporvement of your character.

You should be asking yourself by now, how is this lady going to link self-awareness to change. Well, I am sure as hell that you will be surprised by this philosophy about linking usefull self-awaress to the ability to change. Let me try my best to open up my thoughts about this powerful subject I walked with for centuries.

When I decided to be open for and accept the changes in life (which accure regularly because I am that type of person who loves adventures and choose my own path) I felt intense that my character had to grow with me, in order to let myself fit in the new situations I was experiencing.

I slowly began to understand that I had to be my own best friend. I had to make time to meet myself in this new chapter of my life.

As I became a married young lady in her twenties, still going to school, so much things appeared where I had to keep up with. The shift was different for me to deal with, but eventually I am still married and thank God everyday for blessing me with my dear husband and his family.

The most important thing I did to stand tall during the tough times of a changing life, was being my own mirror first, looking very deep into my intentions, doubts, failures over and over again. I had to meet myself in a whole new way, in order to be able to function in this new chapter of my life. And I am glad I took the time to speak to myself, ask myself questions, tell myself lullabies, cry myself to sleep in a different way, laugh with myself and have coffee-dates with myself.. Because now, I am sure I met her. The new me, being comfortable with herself, for she knows herself better than anyone else. The new me, who gave me permission to meet myself over and over again, just to be sure I survive all the steps I will make which will lead to big changes in life, but most of all:

which will allow me to grow my character and keep changing, keep growing and keep living tot he fullest. I dare you to keep meeting yourself and making time to grow your self-awareness by finding your own way to be your own best friend first.

Only by staying interested in our journey of life, we can overcome change and let change be a tool to grow our character and feed it with self-awareness.



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