Napoleon Hill has been one of my biggest inspiration. I didn’t read his books for the first time.I listened to the audiobooks which you can find online! To my opinion everyone who wants to succeed in life whether it’s related to work, relationships, life, goals, health or what else is on your mind should at least read one of Napoleon Hill’s books.

The fact that he had such a tremendous amount of information about the human being and the most special asset we have which is THE MIND had a big impact on me. The windows of my world literally opened up and I realized for the first time in life while I was listening to him how POWERFUL I am and how POWERFUL YOU are. Through life things often happen in life which can make us smaller if we let it. Smaller in thoughts and in our dreams and how we amazing we can be if we find and accept o ur talents.

The first book I listened to was Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow RichI’m absolutely sure that when you have finished this one you will crave for more! So, the next one is here ready for you to be on your list; Napoleon Hill – Outwitting the Devil.

Audiobook Think and Grow Rich
Audiobook Outwitting the Devil

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