I mean cutting off your hair is not that special at all. It’s just hair and it will grow again anyway. Still it took me almost a year before I did this. Last year I wanted to donate my hair but I was too scared. I was doubting whether it will look good and this was something definitely out of my comfort zone. I just love long hair! So eventually last year I didn’t do it. I was asking everyone’s opinion not just once but a thousand times. My fear of getting out of my comfort zone was bigger than my will to donate my hair to someone who could use it well.

This year someone told me about a woman who needed hair to make her own wig. They also told me that her daughter was growing her hair to give this to her mother. Such a beautifull story I heard and this proves how strong the love of a mother can be. I also heard that this little girl was just 12 years old who 20170107_140136was doing this. Besides long hair I love kids so much. So the situation of getting out of my comfort zone changed. This time donating my hair got very personal. I knew to whom my hair was going I knew why and I knew the story. My will to donate my hair throwed my fear out of the way. Getting out of my comfor zone was becoming just a piece of cake.

So today not only my hair is 45 cm shorter but I have also learned so much about myself and life. The same thing is when you want to achieve a goal. You are asking everyone around you whether you should do it because it’s scary. And often just like me the first time your fears of how things might happen scares you away. You continue to live with this thing in your mind dountitled-designubting and whising but not doing. Not taking the action.

So what I have learned is that either you should decrease your fears or you should increase your thoughts that will make you want to do it. 

First lesson of 2017 is here for me and it was a damn special one!

Cheers to your succes!




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