So imagine you have this goal or dream in your mind. It really means a lot to you and you just wish you can accomplish this. While laying in bed or sitting in front of a window watching outside your thoughts start to wander. How amazing it would be if you had all the free time of this world and you could work full-time on your secret project. You think about all the possibilities and how this would make your life so much better. Suddenly the alarm clock goes off or you realize you are having a break at the office. A full-time job in combination with your personal life can demand a lot of energy from you. This dream, business or goal you have must not be something you just wish for.

Our society gives us only the time to wish but not to accomplish if we let it.


It must become something you breathe for. If you think about it once a week you are just whising on a star. You might as well wait for a failling star which will maybe (lets say a small chance) make your dream come true. In the chaos of the daily life when you are busy with working, your smartphone (swiping through social media), social-talk (gossiping about the food of your neighbors) or watching an interesting documentary (That ’70s Show) you might forget to watch through your window to search for that one failling star.

I have learned two important things about goals and time to achieve them. First of all, to change our mindset we have to change one sentence about having time. Instead of saying I don’t have the time to do this you should say: ‘this is not a priority for me’. If you really have a goal which is close to your heart you will get a little heartache. It almost feels like you are burying your treasure. Saying you don’t have time is your own little excuse to not work your ass off. I mean at the end of the day not everyone is achieving their goals because only a few are willing to work hard and put all their energy and time into it. Are you working hard to achieve your goals or are you fooling yourself? I don’t know about you but I’m sure learning the hard facts about myself.  I mean partly this is also because my fear was bigger than my will to succeed.

“Hard work only pays off when it meets the right plan of action.” ― Edmond Mbiaka



The second thing I have learned is to work torwards your goal from a wish to a plan. A few steps you really need to take are (1) figure out what your goal is, (2) make your goal very specific, (3) add a certain time deadline to it, (4) write this goal on paper, (5) figure out a plan to accomplish this and (6) look at your goal written on paper at least two times a day!

Remember I said you should breathe for it? By making this plan trust me you will.. It’s working for me so now it’s your turn.


Cheers to your succes




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