I think dreaming is a way the universe communicates with us. It’s not that clear what a dream often means but still we should take a moment to understand it. For a few weeks I have this dream of having lots of lions in my backyard. Loving them because of their beauty and strength but too afraid to get near them. When they are trying to get in my house I slam the door because I’m afraid they will hurt me.

Having this dream I realize how I often let fear of the unknown take over the decisions I make and the risks I do not take. Maybe the lions are trying to say that I shouldn’t be afraid. Maybe the lions want to show me why even things that look dangerous are not so scary anyway.

Holding yourself back of the beauty that life has to offer might feel like doing sometimes good. Sometimes we think we are protecting ourselves for bad things, situations or peoples. I hope you will learn what I learned today.

Sometimes fear is just a lion that eventually will give you so much strength. If you never let it inside your soul you don’t knie what it has to say.

Cheers to your succes!


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