pexels-photo-largeAfter many years I realized that ‘the secret’ was not the secret to achieve my goals.

It was much simpeler actually. Maybe a little dosis of positivity and believing in myself was needed but that was not the core thing!

I think we all have goals that we want to achieve. So many are wishing of the good life. The things we all want right? I mean all those good material things, you know what I mean! The cars, the houses and luxery that money might bring. For me achieving my dreams was more for the freedom, the personal development and ofcours all the fancy stuff. I mean I can not deny it. Still love the quote: ‘I rather cry in a lambo than on my bycicle’.

So after seeing, hearing and reading so much about the secret I thougth I would be billionaire by now. Well okay, lets say I was very young and didn’t knew exactely how the secret worked. So my imaginations started to explore and explode. Things popped in my mind like flowers in the ground. Paradise in my mind was so damn good. In the meanwhile I graduated and started to work fulltime. Dreams became blurry and whises I forgot.

Saying so many times to myself I have to do something. I NEED to change what I’m doing. There is a way to take a different road. And then the next day I was back at work doing the same old thing again.

Let me tell you what I learned. So realizing I was complaning and I was whising I started to think about what is really going on. As simple as it might sound maybe even when you dont realize it now. I know one day when you get to the point where I am now you will remeber the next words.

ACTION ACTION ACTION ACTION!! Put your ass of the couch. Throw away the phone in your hands. Take a piece of paper and write all your damn freaking goals with a big list of things you need to do. When finished with this all you have to do is ACTION ACTION ACTION.Put all your fears away! Stop thinking about others might think about you. Don’t let those around you tell you can not do something. The only way to achieve what you want is to believe in yourself and work like no one else in the room. Because you know what I know now?

Dreams don’t work unless you do!

Cheers to your succes!




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