There is something about sitting in the train. Sometimes it’s irritation or a moment of silence. You can clear your mind or make it a big chaos. Just looking outside or around you. A moment to have your best ideas and your most wonderfull creations.

To me it was always a place where I could just think. Get into the flow and let your heart speak. Especially since a few weeks my mobile doesn’t work anymore. How silly it may sound I believe this had just an impact in my life. Not because I’m so obsessed with my phone but more because I never had a ‘me-time’. You know just time to talk to yourself and let your soul speak. Just to ask yourself the questions like what is it you really want. Go ahead and find your passion. Let your dreams become clear in your mind. Figure out what it’s you just love to do. Often if people asked me what I love to do in my free time. I replied either with I don’t know or I’m workaholic (which I really think I am). It just shouldn’t be an excuse to not know who you really are. You are surrounded by so many people! However the only person you really have to live forever with is you.

As for today I wish you will either find or create a moment to let your soul talk to you. Your mind can be influenced by the world outside. However what your soul is saying comes from a source that really can have a positive impact on your life! Life will be so wonderfull if you just give yourself the gift of time.

Cheers to your succes!


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