If you would ask me a question about life what do you want to know? If you wanted to teach me something about this world I dont know yet what will it be? What would the lesson be I could give to this world to make it a little bit better. Is a mission to change the world too big or perhaps the best thing you can decide to do. Sometimes I honestly don’t know anymore what’s the best to do. Where should I focus on and what’s the best way to find and follow your dreams? Currently I’m doing so many things at the same times which makes me wonder if I’m missing the mission I have in life. Should I do less to create some space for my own and find the reason why I am truly on this earth?

Seeing the world we are in nowadays is so confusing. In a way it is the best time you could live in. However on the other side seeing so many people suffer makes me think what the hell happend with this earth. I have this goals to take care of my family and live a life which gives me the chance to enjoy all this beautiful world has to offer. To do this I feel like I should put my focus on building a business and how I can make this possible. However letting go of all that happens around me somehow feels bad in so many ways. Truly having bad sleepless nights asking myself the question what I can do to help those who are in need.

This makes me think about a prayer from Oprah Winfrey: “My prayer was, for as long as I can remember; God, Use me. Use me. Use this life. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I know that there is a vision for my life that is greater than my imagination can hold. Use me. Use me. What would You have me to do?””


So currently I am willing to let go of all that is inside my mind to find a way or answer on this question I have. How can I be used to take care of my family and this world at the same time? How can I make sure that what I want to do in a daily life has truly a meaning. I mean honestly I dont have any tips and tricks to help you in a way to reach this point. I feel like deep down my soul I know where my destination is I just don’t know what I need to use to get there. Lloyd has a beautiful song in which he says:

I have to find a new approach to an old dream

Which is the quote I end this blog with. Have you already found your purpose? Know what it is you are here for?

Cheers to your succes! xoxo


Find your purpose

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