One day you will wake up and not knowing it’s your last day. One day you will leave this world with either everything or nothing                   without knowing it.

A legacy with people who you have build a nation with or your name will slowly fade away as time passes by. One of the main things that will decide on which side you will be is the illusion of fear. Fear of what others might think of you, fear of nothing knowing what will happen and fear of failing or succeeding. In fear we lose our power, our vision and our dedication to figure out and realize our biggest dream. Our problem with fear lies in the competition it has with time.

Fear is your enemy of time since it wants to distract you from every minute you have. It takes the pen right out of your hands and will not let you write the most beautiful chapters in your own book if you let it. Deep down inside yourself you know there is no limit or boundary to how big your dreams can be and how real you can make them happen.  You are holding yourself back while you know what your potential is and how far your determination to succeed goes.

Inside of you is a power place a temple with wooden blocks which are your dreams and you it’s your job to discover them. Each dream you find and explore will slowly start to glow and burn. A treasure you need to set on fire since your grow will increase the light. Lighting up your treasure is like lighting up your soul. You will feel how your fire burns up the fear inside of you.

Then you will realize that fear is really nothing else than False Evidence Appearing Real.

You have the power to create lightness in the dark. Make sure your life will be part of stories in history books that show how killing fear can set a soul on fire.

Go ahead and figure out: What is the purpose of your life 😉 ?


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