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For quite a long time I wanted to make a vision board. A vision board is actually your dreams and goals in pictures. Visualization is an important part of achieving your goals.

When you’re thinking about the future what’s on your mind? What’s your ‘mental image’ about your life?

To make this process a little bit easier and to influence our mind something like a vision board can help a lot. The reason why this can actually help a lot is because our brains activate the same neurons when we see something in real life or when we imagine it. Use the energy you have to get the right things you want. Besides visualization you need to have confidence and work hard. Especially confidence is something I’m working on. Having cofidence makes you believe it’s possible to achieve something and it makes it easier to get the mental imagine you want.

So I searched for pictures and quotes that I liked and printed them. Things that inspire me or that I just like. Also things that I want to have in the future like my dream house. The cars I love and leaders that inspire me to follow my dreams. I made a short video and I will show which are the first three pictures I wanted to see on my vision board.

Hope you guys will like it!

xoxo Cheers to your succes

Shene Baban



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Hello world!

Hello world!

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Welcome my friend to Bremesa. I'm Shene Baban and here you can follow my thoughts, vision and ambition. Hope you enjoy your time!