What if today was your last day..

Would you be happy with how you spend it? Would you be grateful for whom you were surrounded by? Did you showed your loved ones what they mean for you? Did you made someone happy, put a smile on someone’s face or made them feel special in some kind of way? Were you thankful for what you had?

It’s so easy to let life pass you by while you are on racetrack. We become so busy with the less important things in life. Too busy with work, appointments, becoming successful and spending time on social media.
At a certain point we lose the connection not only with the ones around us, but also with life itself and more importantly with our own soul. You have this same kind of feeling when you look in the mirror as you do when you see a stranger on the street but the person looks somehow familiar. So how can we live a life in which we realize that every day might be the last one so we have to enjoy every bit of it to the fullest?


The key is to create a daily life that is so inspiring that your soul gets such a heartwarming feeling from the excitement and appreciation that you allow yourself to feel.
This must be so joyful that your craving to it becomes a healthy addiction you don’t want to take a medicine from but wish to infect everyone with it.

So go ahead explore your passion find your biggest pleasure and achieve your wildest goals. Figure out what you love in life spend some quality time on your own and push yourself out of your comfort zone into a magical paradise called: el planeta tierra ;).

Shene Baban

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