It’s so easily said by people around you. In order to grow you need to get out of your comfort zone. Step up your game and just take risks. However change scares also many people away. To try something new means also the old is gone. As human beings we like to have a certain consistency. Structure around us is what makes us feel like everything is okay. Like things are the way they are and we are happy with it.

If we look around us I believe that most people accept the way their lives are because they are afraid of change. Try another job, do something you have never done before or take that magical trip to that country. For some it’s the fear of change and for others it’s the fear of being alone.




I have always pushed myself through change. At the beginning I really hate it. I feel insecure not knowing what to do or where to go. As time passes by the new becomes my comfort zone. Everytime I push myself in situations like this the biggest joy is after a while when I know that it was worth it.


By pushing yourself through the old the way to the new is worth more than gold. You need to know those feelings help you to grow.

Cheers to your succes!


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