Do you think that we all have a certain lets say task to accomplish in this world? It doesn’t matter whether it’s something huge or maybe very small. Do you think if you failed to achieve this task.. life will give you more and more chances to learn it? to feel it? to beat it? or maybe to survive it?

How do we learn what the task is and what can we do to achieve it? Do we lose connection with our soul which makes it so hard for us to even realize what it is that we need to figure out? In the world we are living today what is it that your mind needs to know to get there? I often wonder what the goal is I need to achieve in life. Maybe even more important I wonder what it is that keeps me away from getting there? Is it really just only my own thoughts. Does our mind really can have such a big impact on our reality? And If our mind can have such an impact why do we and if I can talk for myself..

why do I have such a difficult time with closing the negative door and allow myself to open a door which will take me to a world where the magic happens. 

Don’t you ever wonder what it is that makes one person achieve succes so much faster and easier than the other? It doesn’t necessarily mean this person is more intelligent or works harder than you do. I think it has more to do with what happens inside of us. Things like insecurities, a low self-esteem and negative mindset can really stand in your way.

For instance I know that there are so many things that I would like to do and so many things that I would like to have. However, if your self-paradigm so the image you have about your self is not matching.. you can climb a mountain, dive into the ocean or fly like a bird without anything  you wish coming to your way. Even more importantly what I’m learning right now are feelings. So you can think that you wish to have something but what are you feeling? Do you really believe you deserve it or you are worth it? Im just putting the cards on the table. Through this process of understanding why one achieves succes and the others doesn’t I think that this one is for me a crucial element.

Eventhough at times this is hard to understand.. thinking about it now makes it so clear. I came to the Netherlands with my parents and sibblings. Through my life as a refugee I have seen it all. I know how it feels to live on the streets without a roof over your head. I know how it feels to have no money in your pocket and no food in your hands. I still hate cold winter days because it makes me remember of those times that the normals things for a humanbeing seemed so far away. My parents always teached us life lessons and morals at a young age.

I learned how to share no matter how much you have or maybe don’t have. I learned how to enjoy the litte things without the material stuff. I learned about love, life and how whatever happens always keep a smile on your face.

In a way this has made me so much stronger. Yet I know some scars are left too. No scars that are hurting but need to be healed a little bit more in order for me to receive a key to come closer to path leading me to where the universe is trying to send me.

So from now on from today. I will tell myself why I deserve it. Why I’m worth it and why I know, believe and feel that my words, my thougths and my actions will be used only in my benefit. Only in a way that will make me stronger, better and greater. Do you know what your own limits are? Do you know what it is that keeps you away from achieving your goals? Think about it…

xoxo cheers to your succes!

Bremesa – Shene Baban

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